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About MAFA

MAFA is a student-led group at the ANU comprised of students, staff and community members living in Australia with an interest or background in greater Micronesia. Our mission is to:

  • Promote knowledge of the greater Micronesian region
  • Celebrate its diverse customs and values
  • Encourage communication and cultural exchange between Micronesia and Australia
  • Provide a support network for Micronesian students and scholars at the ANU and beyond
  • Work with Pasifika Australia and the Pasifika Student Society

PACE-Net Plus Project

MAFA was awarded the PACE-Net Plus Seed funding in 2015 for its Kuchua Community Project: Indigenous Youth Responses to Water and Waste Management.

MAFA will establish a pilot program for enhancing community resilience in the village of Kuchua, in Chuuk Lagoon, which mobilises local youth and community leaders, builds the capacity of Pacific Islanders to understand and respond to climate change, and assists the community to developing a water and waste management plan which is based on indigenous strategies and local community participation. This pilot project is an important means of demonstrating the neglected potential for capacity building amongst local communities affected by climate change by bringing together indigenous Micronesian knowledge and Western frameworks and technologies. It is our hope that this project will serve as a powerful vehicle for inspiring and empowering local youth within other Micronesian villages and communities, and helping them to develop their own toolkits for climate action.

Download full report on our PACE-Net Project [PDF, 3.3 MB]

Rocket stove design presentation

Zag Puas talking to Kuchuwa locals about how to design a 'rocket stove'

Myjolynne Kim with members of the Kuchuwa community

Myjolynne Kim with members of the Kuchuwa community


About MAFA

Micronesia-Australia Friendship Association (MAFA) ew mwich an chon sukun me chon angang non Australian National University (ANU) me pwan chon Australia re pwapwaeti repe kaeo eoranian me uruon Micronesia. MAFA e afefetei porousan Micronesia non Australia.  Iei met MAFA a fori ren pekin Micronesia non Australia:

  • Aporousa Micronesia ren chon Australia repe weweti fanuan non Micronesia;
  • Ren repwe pwan weweti pwe Micronesia mei eor sokopaten eoranei;
  • An epwe kawor pechkinen riri fengen ren pekin eoranien fanuan Micronesia me Australia;
  • Epwe anisi chon Micronesia ren repe pwan tonganei fiti sukun ANU me pwan ekkoch sukun tekia non Australia;
  • Ren epe kaor ririn MAFA me ewe mwichen atin sukunen non Pasifik unus itan Pasifika.

PACE-Net Plus Project

Mei wor an MAFA prochek (project) seni PACE-Net Plus a wineni non ewe year 2015. Ei prochek e aora an MAFA me Sefrafon non Kuchuwa repwe angang fengan non tumunun pekin konik me nimochin non fanu. Ei prochek pekin klaimet chainch (climate change) ren epe aora akiek ren Serafon Kuchuwa repwe eaea akiekin nomw me ikenai (ren pekin teknolochi (technology) ren tumunun konik me nimochun non fanu. Serafon Kuchuwa me MAFA repwe pwisin kutta met mi tawe ren epe epeti afeingawan climate change.

Participants include:

  • Ingrid Ahlgren (ANU)
  • George Carter (ANU)
  • Paul D'Arcy (ANU)
  • Nicholas Halter (ANU)
  • Rebecca Hofmann (University of Munich)
  • Myjolynne Kim (ANU)
  • Siosina Lui (ANU)
  • Roannie Ng Shiu (ANU)
  • Gonzaga Puas (ANU)
  • Manuel Rauchholz (University of Heidelberg)
  • Karen Kan-lun Tu (ANU)

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